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Arcadia Earth Pro Dragon Fuel, 125g - Littlehampton Exotics
Arcadia Earth Pro Dragon Fuel, 125g - Littlehampton Exotics

Arcadia Earth Pro Dragon Fuel 125g

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Arcadia Earth Pro Dragon Fuel is a blend of leaves, stems, and flowers for all omnivores. Perfect for Bearded Dragons. 

EarthPro-DragonFuel is an all-natural, non-toxic food sprinkle with a wholesome mix of plants, fruits, flowers, and leaves including Hibiscus, vitamins, and minerals selected to fuel all omnivores, particularly bearded dragons. This supplementary food can be mixed into the usual daily food thus greatly increasing dietary variety.

It can be difficult for owners to find a wide variety of vegetable foods that their pets will accept. EarthPro-DragonFuel is a delicious reptile food that will increase variety for your reptile diet.

This supplementary food is designed to contribute up to 10% of your reptile’s diet.

The rest should be made up of fresh gut loaded live foods and vegetable matter.

It is packed in easy to reseal pouches for ultimate freshness and contains literally hundreds of ingredients.

EarthPro-DragonFuel also contains UK grown Alfalfa and for the first time an active Probiotic. It contains the superfood Bee Pollen and a balance of 9 B Group Vitamins supporting: immune function, wound healing, tissue repair, and overall health.

Accurate feeding of captive exotics is all-important. Allow nature to provide for our pets and then watch and enjoy the positive results.

Arcadia Earth Pro Dragon Fuel