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Chameleon Starter Kit - Littlehampton Exotics

Chameleon Full Setup

Littlehampton Exotics
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Chameleon Setups are put together with the best Zoological Grade UVB Lighting, Supplements & Heating, along with the necessary enrichment to allow your animal to regulate its temperature and UVB intake correctly. Perfect for Veiled Chameleons and Panther Chameleons. 

No Own Brands, No Bronze Kits, NO Silver Kits, Just the Enclosures needed to keep your animal happy & healthy to prevent such issues as Metabolic Bone Disease.

Setup Includes

  • 24inch x 18inch x 36inch (60cm x 45cm x 90cm) Habistat Glass Enclosure.
  • Arcadia 24w 6% / 12% Pro T5 UVB Kit
  • Exo Terra Ceramic Dame Fitting 
  • Arcadia 75w Halogen Het Lamp
  • Habistat Dimmer Thermostat
  • ZooMed Digital Thermostat / Humidity Gauge
  • Arcadia Calcium Powder 
  • Arcadia EarthPro A Multi-Vitamin Powder
  • ProRep Water Bowl 
  • Spray Bottle
  • LA Exotics Cork Branch 
  • LA Exotics 80cm 
  • 5L Bark Substrate 

    Our Price £419.99

    Or £533.99 With Habistat Rain System

    Save up to £50 when purchased with one of our awesome Chameleons. Check out our Livestock List, Call or Pop in to the store to see our availability on Chameleons.