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ARCADIA EARTH PRO BIO-REVITALISER 3.5kg - Littlehampton Exotics


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EarthPro-BioRevitiliser has been blended and formulated in the UK to the highest standards to feed and replenish Bio-Active systems. This helps to ensure fantastic plant growth through the correct delivery of potent minerals, micro and macro nutrients and amino acids. EarthPro-BioRevitiliser is made from ‘Organic’ UK Volcanic rock and Worm castings. 

Available in 450g & 3.5kg packs, it can be used in rainforest or arid set ups, whether using a full drainage system or not. 

Simply add to the existing substrate and mix through thoroughly, allowing the organic nutrients to be spread across the enclosure. In fact, this is so effective, it could be used in house plants, gardens, anything that needs a little Bio-Revitalising! This product can be used with any bio-active or planted substrate, giving the whole environment a much-needed boost from the amino acids, minerals and volcanic rock it contains.