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Hikari Reptile Leopa Gel - Littlehampton Exotics

Hikari Reptile Leopa Gel

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Leopa Gel is a live food replacement or a supplementary gel for insect and fruit eating Geckos & other reptiles. Leopa Gel is a completely balanced ready to eat food which doesn't require any mixing and can be kept ambiently for a long time-perfect for supplying to family members to feed when you are on holiday.

Simply squeeze the soft gel out of the pack and feed it to your reptile, either using a spoon, tweezers or on your finger. Leopa Gel is a chewy, flavourful product which replicates the same texture of live food and is perfect for all reptiles which normally eat crickets, mealworms and other live insects. Leopard Geckos have shown an amazing 80% acceptance on first feed. 

One packet of Leopa Gel is approximately one month's supply for an average sized Gecko. No mixing or other preparation is required, and the gel should be kept refrigerated once opened, lasting up to 30 days from first use. The packaging process eliminates parasites and bacterial issues and the specially designed spout on the pouch maintains the seal and quality of Leopa Gel. 

The science bit: Due to the Hikari selected ingredients in every mouthful feeding your lizard Leopa Gel significantly reduces maintenance & tank odour when switching to this diet especially when compared to live food feeding. Your lizard's waste now will not easily stick to tank or vivarium surfaces thereby reducing ongoing enclosure maintenance. Hikari have bred Leopard Gecko's at their laboratory facilities in Japan through to a second generation whose parents were fed just on Hikari Reptile Leopa gel. It works, and your reptile will be delighted by the taste. Hikari-wellness is in our DNA.