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3ft Viv

Complete Leopard Gecko Starter Kit

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Our Leopard Gecko Kits contain everything you need to house your new Baby Leopard Gecko. This Kit comes with UVB Lighting, essential for developing your Leopard Gecko. Perfect for any budding new herpetologist and reptile lover. 

Perfect for juvenile Leopard Geckos. 

Contents included are:

  • 3ft Vivarium
  • Dimmer Thermostat
  • Ceramic Lamp Holder 
  • Heat Lamp Cage
  • Deep Heat Projector
  • Arcadia ShadeDweller UVB Kit
  • Digital Thermometer 
  • Leopard Gecko Bedding
  • Hiding Cave
  • Moss Gecko Cave 
  • Arcadia Calcium with Mg Powder
  • Arcadia Revitalise D3 Multi Vit Powder 
  • Feeding Tongs
  • Calcium Dish
  • Mealworm Dish
  • Water Dish 

Assembly is required if you do not have the setup built-in store.  

Please Feel Free to check out our Livestock List to see the availability of our amazing Leopard Geckos.

Leopard Gecko Kit