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Orlux Eggfood Red Dry For Canary 1kg - Littlehampton Exotics

Orlux Eggfood Red Dry For Canary 1kg

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Eggfood dry - red The complete assimilation of each constituent is an assurance that no food is wasted. This guarantees that all food elements which are richly found in the eggfood, are actually assimilated by the birds. ORLUX EGGFOOD DRY is extremely suitable for the breeding of all canaries, exotic birds and native species. It is professionally constituted and contains all the basics which young and mature birds require: proteins, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. These are present in insufficient quantities in seed mixtures. ORLUX EGGFOOD DRY also contains: * extra lysine and methionine, two essential amino acids necessary for an optimal growth, and perfect feathering composition and - pigmentation. * extra biotine, an indispensable vitamin limiting the embyonic mortality. * the ideal calcium-phosphorous proportion ORLUX EGGFOOD DRY RED is made on the same basis as the eggfood dry. The additional amount red pigment, canthaxantine, are sufficient as maintenance dosage. So as to acquire a nice uniform red colour it is however necessary in the breeding and moulting periods to add ORLUX CAN-TAX to the drinking water and/or to the eggfood.