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True Tomato Frog - Littlehampton Exotics

True Tomato Frog

Littlehampton Exotics
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Common Name:  Tomato Frog

Scientific Name:  Dyscophus antongilii

Mutation: N/A

Approx Size & Weight: 1 inch

Habitat Type: Terrestrial / Subtropical

Sex & Age: Unsexed  / Captive Bred 2021 

Adult Size : 2.5 inches 

Hot Spot Temperature : 76f - 78f / 24c - 26c 

Ambiant Temperature: 76f - 88f / 22c - 26c 

Cool End Temperature: 59f - 68f / 15c - 20c 

NIght Time Temperature : 77f - 82f / 25c - 28c 

UV Index Requirements : UVI 0 – 0.7

Humidity: 70% - 80% 

Minimum Hatchling Enclosure: 30cm x 30cm x 32cm

MInimum Adult Enclosure: 60cm x 45cm x 45cm


*** Important Infomation ***

We will not capture payment before contacting the customer. This is to go through our necessary checks. We need Proof of age from the customer, as well as info on experience on the specific species. If this is your first time in the hobby or with the species you are interested in, We will need the customer to pop into the store for a face-to-face chat about the husbandry requirements. This is to ensure our animals and the customer has the correct requirements.  

If you already have an Enclosure, we need pictures and details of the enclosure, UV Lighting with the age of UV Source, The Heat source with Temperature readings, Supplements, and Enrichment.   

We can ship vertebrates via a dedicated Animal Courier once all the relevant checks have been done. This costs £55 for next-day service. Delivery is collected from the shop on Wednesday and Delivered on Thursday. The weather may also affect shipping, to ensure the best possible shipping conditions for our vertebrates. An Email will be sent if there is any delay.