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Vetark Zolcal F, 120ml - Littlehampton Exotics

Vetark Zolcal F, 120ml

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Vetark Zolcal-F is a complementary feed of calcium carbonate and vitamin D3 for oral supplementation, recommended to maintain an adequate level of calcium for birds, reptiles and rabbits. Vetark Zolcal-F can be given directly or via drinking water or food where an extra boost of calcium is needed quickly.

Vetark Zolcal-F Feed provides 3.25 mg calcium / ml, 4 IU vitamin D3 / ml. Routinely use 10ml (2 teaspoons)per 100ml of drinking water or give by direct administration at 1ml per 100g of animal. Or pour/sprinkle onto food ata rate of 25ml (half teaspoon) per 250g of food. For routine daily supplementation we recommend a full spectrum in-feed vitamin/mineral supplement such as Avimixor Arkvits

Composition: Calcium lactate (2.5%), Sodium bicarbonate.Additives perkg:VitaminsVitamin D3 3a671 4,000IUPreservatives:Lactic acid E270 6,000 mg.
Analytical constituents: Crude protein 0%-Crude fibres 0%-Crude fat 0%-Crude ash 0.5%-Moisture content 99.0%-Calcium 0.33%