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Zoo-Med Repti-Rock 2 Pack - Littlehampton Exotics

Zoo-Med Repti-Rock 2 Pack

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Hygienic and hard-wearing these Zoo Med Combo Reptile Rock Food/Water Dishes are attractive feeding bowls that nest neatly together should only certain ones be in use.

The realistic look of this reptile feeding dish, that of a natural rock found by your reptile in the wild, means it will fit right in with the decorations, whether you have a desert or tropical habitat.

The dishes have a smooth non-porous surface that won't harbour bacteria.

Combo Pack (Small)

  • Small Feeding dish (14cm x 12cm LxW).
  • X-Small Water Dish (11cm x 9.5cm LxW).

Combo Pack (Medium)

  • Medium Feeding dish (19cm x 16cm LxW).
  • Small Water Dish (16cm x 12cm LxW).

Combo Pack (Large)

  • Large Feeding dish (25cm x 22cm LxW).
  • Medium Water Dish (22cm x 17cm LxW).