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Psittacus High Protein Hand Feeding 1kg - Littlehampton Exotics

Psittacus High Protein Hand Feeding 1kg

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It is a follow-on formula. It is indicated for hand-rearing parrot species that need diets low in fat (genera Amazona, Pionus, Psi-ttacula, Pionites...), from the moment when pin feathers emerge. It contains stable high oleic oil adequate to their needs. It also contains papaya, which favours digestive transit. On average, parrots consume from 7 to 10 ml of formula per feeding bout and per 100 g of body weight. The number of feeding bouts per day depends on the parrot species and the age. Since it is a follow-on formula, for example in Amazon parrots, it is used from the 3rd week of life. For younger animals, it is preferable to use early-age formulas (Psittacine Crop Milk or Neonatal). Analytical constituents: Crude protein 20.5 %, Crude oils and fats 10.0 %